Choker, Gothic chic and new Boho necklaces

What jewellery is the most well known? Obviously, jewellery for the neck! Pieces of jewellery, dots, collars, gorgets, necklets, chaplets, reveries, chokers … There are a lot of varieties! Also, I extremely stunned with this names =) But why they are so famous? I think this is an important question and particularly for the jewellery designers. So, that is just because such adornments could be into the image quite easily, as curt chokers are reasonable and suitable even for the business style, and large shimmering necklaces in the boho style look incredible both with light flower dresses and borad-shouldered massive coats. Well… What pieces of jewellery are in style 2019?


Gothic chic

And there is nothing surprising, because such decorative trends are the result of punk and grunge cultures influence. Maybe, just like now, during 90s such necklaces appeared with the most accurate and monochrome clothes. So that, purpose of this necklace was to spoil too pedantic and conservative look. It is acceptable to wear a few of these necklaces at the same time.

Creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, also introduced his cruise collection.

And as you have probably understood, this collection creates lots of new fashion ways to create trendy necklaces 2019. Confirming the reputation of the very designer with a non-standard vision of fashion and the rejection of generally accepted standards, 46-year-old Alessandro demonstrated a real show. Choosing a color scheme for his Summer collection, he did not spare bright colors, mixing a few palettes within the same image. The main colors of the collection are pink, black, green and white. And, of course, non-trivial accessories: necklaces in the form of crosses, bright-neon stockings, high gloves, black-and-white glasses and voluminous wigs.



How often do I hear from people that they are already tired of chokers, and these trendy necklaces had to stay in the 90’s. But it is the very accessory that gave way to a new trend which I like so much – a necklace in a form of collar. Today, the modified choker has become more an attribute of the evening image than the everyday one. It still tightly adheres to the neck, but now it has increased in volume and has become noticeably heavier. So before the Spring-Summer 2019 season we should totally get at least one new choker-collar.

New way of Boho

The boho style jewelry is definitely a hot trend at the moment.Boho lifestyle is mainly about the free spirit, peaceful mind and individualism in terms of fashion trends. You can discover some very creative and fun bohemian inspired fashions

decorate your outfit with a Gypsy boho statement necklace that can remind you of your nomadic lifestyle and  adventures during the summer.

necklaces for a distinctive hippie look

You can always take different types of necklaces to give a distinguishable look to your outfit. However, if you want to bring the hippie influences to your style, then make sure to combine necklaces of earthy and natural colors with beads, tassels, feathers, animal pendants that are associated with this style.

Beaded Layered Necklace


The necklaces can be of different length, thickness, material, but try to keep the boho thematic when you put them all together

Long Beaded Necklace, Casual Outfit

legant boho style add a tribal statement necklace

Bold detailed necklaces are great to make a statement to your outfit. They can transform your look within seconds without much effort.

An outstanding necklace such as the tribal statement necklace could be great for the ladies who like chic boho styles for their dressy or casual everyday outfits.

Tribal Statement Necklaces

coin pendant necklaces

Hidden meanings behind a piece of  jewelry like the coined necklace are always very interesting to wear. In fact, they could be a great conversation starter. A delicate golden coin necklace added to your outfit would make it very feminine and suitable for everyday casual wears.

Delicate Coined Necklace, Layered Necklace

symbolic pendants

New Dior trendy necklaces jewelry collection is decorated with symbolic pendants on chokers and massive chains.

Image result for symbolic pendants

There was some new trendy necklace. Now get ready with your new trendy necklace designs.

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